Auto Close Umbrella

Product Details Information

TypeAuto close umbrella
Size24 inch long
Fabric210 gsm double coated
Ribs8 each
Stick1 each white ss
AutoAuto open & Auto close
HandelRound shape with cotton hanger
ColorCustomize Color Available
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Product Description


Rainy days can be a hassle, and having to deal with a wet umbrella once you've taken shelter can be equally inconvenient. That's where auto-close umbrellas come into play. are designed to provide a hassle-free solution to the age-old problem of folding and storing wet.

What Are Auto-Close ?

Also known as automatic folding umbrellas, are a modern twist on the traditional umbrella. They are designed with a special mechanism that allows them to close at the push of a button or automatically when they detect moisture. This innovation aims to make the -using experience more convenient and mess-free.

How Do Auto-Close Work?

The working principle of auto-close varies slightly depending on the specific design, but the common features include:

Button or Sensor: Most have a button that users can press to initiate the folding process. Some high-tech models, however, are equipped with moisture sensors that automatically trigger the closing mechanism when they come into contact with rain.

Benefits of Auto-Close .

Convenience: The primary benefit of is their convenience. Users no longer need to struggle with closing a wet umbrella manually. With the push of a button or the assistance of a moisture sensor, the neatly folds up, keeping you dry and hassle-free.


represent a significant advancement in rain protection technology. Their ability to close automatically or at the push of a button makes them a valuable tool for anyone living in a rainy climate or facing sudden downpours. These innovative umbrellas not only keep you dry but also contribute to a cleaner and more convenient rainy-day experience. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more features and improvements in designs, making them an essential accessory for the modern individual. Read Next