Manual Storng Umbrella

manual strong umbrella

Manual strong umbrella It is generally very strong. Will not break easily. Mozcabe will not. When I was young, I used to see it in the hands of my grandparents. Then it was a hockey umbrella, almost like this. The hockey umbrella is now on the way to extinction. And the manuals are still available. It is customized by adding name for big companies. Again the logo is printed for the gift This umbrella is the best. Can be used for more than 5 years. It is about size 3 quality 22/24/26 the biggest size is 26 inches. There is no problem in strong wind, strong wind, storm, sun. This is why it still runs. And demand is high. 1/2 crore umbrellas are sold every year Sometimes it is taken for government work, sometimes for big companies, and again for gifts. If someone wants to print the log, we will deliver it to you wholesale